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Laurence Fortin-CôtéxLéo et Violette

Le Laurence is the result of a co-creation between Léo and Violette and Canadian influencer Laurence Fortin-Côté. In 2018, we started working with Laurence on content creation. Several other partnerships followed, each time we particularly appreciated the sensitivity and singularity. His universe, made of a neat aestheticism and borrowed a classic touch, has always resonated with the DNA of Leo and Violette.Fin 2021, following a visit of Laurence in our Paris Studio, We exchanged for the first time on the desire to develop a model in collaboration.The sensitivity of Laurence, associated with the know-how of our workshops in Italy, allowed to make this desire a reality.

“I have always been very creative and loved drawing since a very young age, which led me to study design architecture and then to obtain a Master in Fashion Design. From Toronto, where I have been living for 5 years, I have the chance to work with big fashion houses."

"I got to know the Léo and Violette team during our years of collaboration and I must admit that there is nothing more inspiring than being able to work with people as passionate as yourself. I think that’s what made this collaboration happen naturally.”

An elegant model designed in Paris.

During the 15 months of development, the common thread has always remained the same: to offer a minimalist and timeless model, in a monochrome color palette. The specifications were clearly defined: a trapeze shape, a double worn, a structured base and an identifiable clasp.

“I wanted to create a unique model that was inspired by the style of bags found in vintage fashion archives. I have a great passion for second hand items, I love their nostalgic and poetic aspect, that’s why I wanted to create a classic and timeless style"


The clasp
For Le sac Laurence we chose to work on a new design of our Diapason clasp. In this 'closed' version, the upper part has been redesigned to sit round on the flap of the bag. The clasp keeps its ingenious turnstile, allowing a quick opening and a secure closure. All in a matte gold color, vibrated. The final result is like a jewel, giving the Laurence all its identity.

"I like the fact that the mechanism is totally invisible and that it is like a surprise every time you want to open it."

The materials
To meet the desire to create a classic model, inspired by the 60s, we turned to the glazed leather of our partner tannery Curtidos Castaner, in Spain. This calf leather, firm, thick and slightly varnished brings the Laurence its structure. The interior is fully lined in matte suede, beige color, bringing an elegant contrast of materials.

The capacity
How to make a bag that looks small but is not? It was the quest of the Laurence bag. The result is a compact size (21x15x5cm) with a surprisingly contained interior.You will slip an iPhone Pro Max, a compact wallet, a pocket book, a pair of glasses, your keys… In short: ‘Looks mini. But it’s not’.

"What I’ve always liked about the different Léo and Violette bags is the possibility to use them in my daily life for very different occasions. I wanted Le Laurence to be in the same spirit. To be able to use it during the day without worrying about whether my iPhone, my small accessories and keys would fit”

Limited edition,FW2023.

We worked closely with Laurence to imagine new variations of materials for winter 2023. By adding a subtle ‘frame’ all along the flap, we have created the possibility of combining materials that respond with contrast and elegance. These two versions were made in limited edition.

Coming soon in 2 new materials on November 12, 2023.

Made by hand, in Italy

From one model to another in our collection many factors change. Only one point never changes: the attention paid to manufacturing. This is why Le Laurence, like the rest of our collection, is entirely made in Italy. Our workshop in Naples needs more than 0.7m2 of leather and 2h30 way to make each copy. A handmade work that we photographed because it makes the beauty of this bag.