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Welcome to our workshops

It is in a workshop located next to Naples that our collections are crafted. Specialized in luxury leather goods, this workshop was established in the early 1980s by Dino Levorino, a highly renowned artisan leatherworker in Italy known for his craftsmanship. We are in daily contact with his son Gennaro to discuss production and brainstorm the development of new items.

1. Leather cutting.

The first step in making a handbag, after carefully selecting the leather hides, is to hand-cut the various panels of the bag, taking into account the natural characteristics of the leather.

2. Assembly.

The pieces are aligned and bonded together using adhesive. This process is delicate, as the pieces must be aligned precisely according to the pattern. Any excess adhesive is carefully removed by hand to prevent unsightly spills. The assembled bag is then stitched.

3. Edge Coloring

The raw leather edges are all hand-colored. It's a particularly lengthy and meticulous process.

4. Metal Components.

Finally, snaps, metal decorations, and other ornaments that contribute to the bag's aesthetics are added.

All production stages are carried out by hand, from leather cutting to the packaging of the finished product, ensuring meticulous and product-respecting craftsmanship.

Made with love, in Italy.

5. Finishing Touches

Finishing is the operation that concludes the leather bag's crafting. Artisans meticulously inspect for any irregularities and minor defects using their expert eye.

6. Packaging.

Then, the accessory is prepared for shipping. The preparer adds padding to create volume and wraps everything in tissue paper.

A team effort

In total, the creation of a bag involves many hours of work and over a dozen artisans. This meticulous, manual, and artisanal craftsmanship is what makes each leather piece you find at Léo et Violette unique.