Le Dalia

The elegant and timeless bag from the collaboration with Wendy Swan.
Available in different colors and now also available in a mini size.


“ I discovered Léo et Violette 3 years ago now and I love seeing the evolution over time, the universe suits me particularly well. The bags have always been of very good quality, we feel that we can keep them for years and that's what interests me. The style is timeless and very chic à la française.
We can't get enough of it! “

The history of collaboration

Le Dalia was born from the meeting between Wendy and Léo et Violette. Wendy's universe, minimalist and elegant, corresponds perfectly to the spirit of Léo and Violette. After several collaborations, the idea of ​​co-creating a bag with Wendy came naturally.

Our vision: to give Wendy the opportunity to design her ideal bag, the one that matches her style as well as her daily needs. Le Dalia is the result of several months of joint work between her and our design teams.
Every detail, from the choice of the quality of the leather to the metal parts, has been thought through with care.

In the smallest details

As always at Léo et Violette, we favor quality to create timeless products.
Wendy has taken great care with the details of Le Dalia. Its design, resolutely vintage, allows you to carry all the essentials of everyday life.

The golden metal clasp has been specially developed for the bag, as has the double shoulder strap. The 3 colors, timeless and elegant, were chosen by Wendy to fit easily into a minimalist style.

Made in Italy ♡

Le Dalia is the first bag made in collaboration at Léo and Violette. If we wanted to create a model with Wendy, it is above all because our universes complement each other, just like our vision of leather goods.
We wanted to give full meaning to the word "collaborate": from the first drawings to the visit to our workshop in Naples, through the choice of the clasp, everything about Le Dalia was defined together.
It's the perfect combination of Wendy's minimalist style and the Léo et Violette aesthetic.